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Baptist Pastor's Job Description - Jay Depoy

1. Preaching and Teaching
Key Skill Task statement: the pastor will oversee the preaching and teaching program for the church. Responsibilities include setting forth an annual plan for preaching and teaching series' that lines up with agreed biblical and theological foci for the church. The church requires the pastor to preach between fifty to seventy-five percent of services and to negotiate with suitable others to fulfil the balance.
Pastors within Baptist churches, principally, are leaders of Jesus followers in the Jesus way. Teaching and mentoring is core work, and when they are not directly involved they will oversee this function. Preaching and teaching, and example-setting, underpins discipleship. Building the annual preaching program is an opportunity to combine the preaching and teaching element with the liturgy of worship in church meetings, in order to drive the church in the direction of its vision. It is important as spiritual leader of the church that the pas…

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